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SKYWORTH opens the new era of AloT with Swaiot™ to lead the future of TV

SKYWORTH, the pioneer in big-screen AIoT and a leading global television brand, officially announced its plan to bring Swaiot™ AloT ecosystem, TrensAI™ smart assistant and Swaiot™ CENTER to its new Q80 series TV.  Through the integration of the three components, ecosystem, interaction and terminal, SKYWORTH aims at leading the industry in the new era.    



Building a superior AIoT ecosystem with Swaiot + TrensAI 


Swaiot™ is an open big-screen AIoT ecosystem, connecting not only SKYWORTHs but also 3rd party Swaiot™ smart devices, to provide seamless connections across all devices within a household. Imagine users can now play their favorite TV shows on a range hood or refrigerator while cooking by giving a simple voice command to Xiao Wei’ – SKYWORTH TVs virtual assistant.


SKYWORTH has leveraged its rich experience and extensive technological know-how to upgrade its software and hardware significantly to enhance the overall voice command capability the core interaction medium of Swaiot. For hardware improvement, SKYWORTH is leading the industry in deploying far-field circular ring microphone arrays with long-distance voice capability which increase the convenience and functionality of voice interaction. For software improvement, SKYWORTH has developed its proprietary TrensAIwhich enables the use of voice control regardless of the monitor is on or off. TrensAI™ is also able to capture and understand imperfect commands, thanks to the powerful AI voice recognition engine created by SKYWORTH.


SKYWORTH has incorporated the proprietary patented technology, One-click Connectto allow Swaiot™ to resolve the complicated connection problem among smart devices. Devices can be integrated automatically with one simple click. Once connected, smart devices can be accessed via a mobile app remotely when users are away from home.


The latest Swaiotversion of CooCaa system realizes the visualization of smart living scene and smart scores on big-screen televisions. The more Swaiot smart devices connected to the system, the higher is the smart score which serves as a reference of the level of smart living among tens of millions CooCaa users.  

SKYWORTH TV Spring Product Launch 2019 Experience Zone

Anticipates a bright future of Swaiot   


Last year, SKYWORTH invested 7 billion RMB in developing an innovative hub of smart industry.  It has successfully completed the set-up of smart living by integrating the brands smart home appliances with its proprietary AI chips. The Swaiot™ ecosystem announced at the launch event is set to become the center of the big-screen AloT ecosystem to connect smart devices. By doing this, users can utilize voice command to control and manage Swaiot™ smart devices on big screens simultaneously, making smart living even more accessible.


SKYWORTH will continue to develop a full range of home appliances, in addition to AI TV, to support holistic smart living. These will include a smart kitchen and bathroom system, smart refrigerator and laundry system and smart lighting system, etc.


With Swaiotin place, SKYWORTH has not only portrayed the future of smart living, but also realized the feasible solutions and hardware in perfecting the big-screen AIoT ecosystem. With its technological advancement and accurate discernment about the industrial trends in the future, SKYWORTH has spearheaded the new era of big-screen AIoT and become a pioneer in the transformation of big-screen AIoT. 

Mr. Tony Wang, Chairman & President of SKYWORTH TV